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Dedicated instructor

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Teaching is my love. From extensive research on what creates talent and neurologically how the brain learns, I know any student holds the capacity for true success in the world of piano. 


Students regularly have goals to work toward.


Private lessons

Lessons include solo repertoire for recitals and festivals; technique; a method book (usually Faber or Czerny); theory; rhythm; ear training; and music history.



The National Federation of Music Clubs allows students to grow in confidence and have a goal to work towards through festivals that give adjudicator feedback.

Solo festival is in March each year. Duet/Hymn/Concerto festivals are offered in November, January, and April.

Piano Practice


Every Fall semester has a November recital, and laid-back Christmas recital. Every Spring semester has a May recital.


Students have regular opportunities for extra help and feedback, in addition to connection with other pianists.

All activities are included in tuition.

Online Class

Weekly check-in

Online weekly check-ins helps make sure students know what and how to practice; help make practice more effective; give additional time to cover lesson material; and give more motivation to practice.

These are included in tuition, and optional after the first month.

Teacher Playing Piano

Group classes

Online group classes happen most Saturdays at 10:30 a.m. Students are able to practice performing in a low-key environment, meet with peers, and give and recieve feedback. They learn to actively listen. Research has shown seeing peers improve helps students believe they, too, can achieve.

The recommendation is to attend 1-2 classes a month: enough to learn and enjoy without getting burned out.

Pianoforte lesson

Guest masterclasses

Three online guest masterclasses happen each year: October, February, April. 

Prepared students are asked if they would like to perform, and all students are invited to watch and learn from the guest teacher.

This allows students a different perspective, or a reminder from an outside source that the metronome really IS important :).

Piano Keyboard_edited.jpg

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