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Dedicated Instructor

I was a "late bloomer," entering college in music at a late beginner level.

I worked and practiced and researched, hard. I know what kids go through trying to learn music when it doesn't seem to just "come."

I'm now an avid pianist and teacher. The work was worth it: I have the best job in the world ;).

. . . . . . . . . . . .

Meryal Hylton is a pianist and teacher who is passionate about helping students learn. As a teacher, she enjoys staying current in educational methodology and has six years' experience. She recently presented on educational neuroscience as it applies to piano in the annual Utah Music Teachers' Association (UMTA) state conference. As a pianist, she recently was one of four winners in U of U's Give Bach competition; placed third in the adult division of UVU's American Mountain West International Piano Competition; and performed in a recital at a music festival in Maryland. She earned a Bachelor's of Music in Piano Performance from UVU Fall '22, and was president of UVU's UMTA chapter. She is currently assisting the state Piano Concerto chair and is working toward MTNA certification. When she's not practicing or teaching, Meryal enjoys spending time with her adorable husband and daughter in Spanish Fork. 

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